Announcing Baby #2 to Friends and Family

I love seeing the different ways people announce they are about to have a baby!  I tend to be an over-the-top person (with pretty much everything I do) but I decided to not get too crazy with our baby announcement.  I wanted to do something simple and sweet and I’m so happy with what we decided on.


Getting pregnant with Jack was fairly difficult so I was a little surprised with how quickly I got pregnant with London.  Scott and I decided to keep our secret between the two of us until we could confirm a healthy baby with our doctor at our eight-week appointment.  Once we hit that milestone, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I began thinking of some fun ways to announce to our friends and family that baby #2 was on the way!!


I found this darling shirt for Jackson and we grabbed some fun balloons and drove to Scott’s parent’s house to share our big news!  I figured the balloons would give us away immediately, but his dad came out and talked with us for a few minutes outside the house and didn’t even notice Jack’s shirt.  His mom and sister knew the second they opened the door and greeted us with big smiles.  Afterwards we headed to my parent’s house to share the news with my family.  Everyone was thrilled, but my mom and sister both said they already knew.  Ha!  I guess they know me too well.


We were so excited. The thought of giving Jack a sibling brought us so much joy.  We could not wait to see what we were having.  And my guess was correct….GIRL!

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