Gender Reveal for our Baby Girl

It’s a ………. GIRL!!!


First off, let me start this by saying I absolutely HATE surprises.  Scott learned this pretty quickly in our marriage.  I don’t like to be surprised with trips, birthday parties, or even gifts.  I feel like I get caught off guard and I don’t always have the reaction I should. I’m a planner.  I’m organized.  I like things done in a certain way.  I even had my sister find out when Scott was going to propose so that I could be ready for it.  Yes, this is a true story and yes, he is still mad at her for telling me.  Anyway, this all leads to my point that I was a basket case leading up to the gender reveal of this baby!


During my pregnancy with Jack I waited until the big ultrasound to find out the gender in the doctor’s office.  I decided to speed up that process a bit this time and I took the blood test at 12 weeks. Once the results were in I convinced myself that I could handle the surprise and had the nurse call my sister with the result.  She ended up knowing the baby’s gender for almost two days before we found out. Those two days were extremely long, and I may have tried to get it out of her more than once.  Once again, I hate to be surprised.


Once I had the blood test done I purchased four confetti cannons HERE.  I got two for each gender.  We found a fun place to snap some photos on a Saturday evening.  My sister gave us the correct cannons and we counted down with Jack and then let them go.  I think it took me a solid thirty seconds to register that the pink meant girl.  I was secretly hoping for a girl but I didn’t want to seem disappointed if it was a boy, so I kept telling myself it was a boy.  I was so EXCITED to see that pink confetti!!!  While that was quite a surprise, I’m not sure I can handle any more surprises like that for a while!


big bro balloons | confetti gun








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