Jackson’s Big Boy Room

We only have two bedrooms on our main floor and one of them is a tiny nursery.  When I got pregnant with London I knew I needed to move Jackson to a bedroom downstairs and I wanted to make the transition on him as smooth as possible.  I decided to do it early so he was used to the change before the baby came and didn’t feel like he was getting kicked out of the upstairs.


About a year or so after moving into our home, we remodeled our entire basement which left us with a blank slate for both of the downstairs bedrooms.  I turned the smaller one into a playroom (I LOVE having a place to store toys!) and decided the larger would be Jack’s new big boy room.  I recruited my amazing sister and we got to work! She helped me find the dresser and paint it the perfect color.  She also designed all of the artwork.  I searched high and low for the rest of the accessories so that every detail was perfect for my big boy!


bed frame | guardrail | paint color for dresser | quilt | sheets + similar | wood name sign


height chart



hat rack | hats | backpack



picture ledge | blue chair | storage totes | laundry hamper | lamp | toy cars | sound machine





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