Bye Bye Tonsils & Adenoids

Last winter was rough for Jackson. He seemed to get sick with coughs constantly and could never really fight them off. It felt like he had croup the entire winter. I think he ended up getting it ten times from October-July. We met with his pediatrician often and finally my mommy instincts took over and I made an appointment with an ENT. The ENT was amazing and suggested we remove his tonsils immediately. It took a few months to actually get him in for surgery because he kept getting croup and the doctors like you to be clear of croup for at least a few weeks before surgery. But finally in August it was go time!


The surgery was smooth and quick and Jack was in the best mood all morning. He was so happy mom and dad were spending time with him and kept telling us he was at the doctor. Recovery was rough just because he was in a lot of pain and he hated the taste of the medicine. But, we got through those first nine days and thought we were nearing the end. We were so unprepared for what was going to happen next. Here is what I wrote in an email to Jack so that he could have all the details to read as he gets older:


“Saturday was scary. Jackson had a terrible night of sleep on Friday. I even called his ENT Saturday morning and asked if he should be so uncomfortable 9 days out from surgery. He mentioned that it can be painful when the tonsil scabs fall off so to hang in there for another few days. Scott and I checked his mouth that morning but it looked like both scabs were still there. A few hours later I noticed Jack had a little bit of blood on his lip. We checked his mouth and one of the scabs had come off. We figured that’s where the blood came from. I didn’t think much of it at first but then he started having more and more blood in and around his mouth. After thirty minutes I decided to take him up to our local children’s hospital and figured I would have them check on everything.


We got checked in and he was acting completely normal. He was in a great mood and playing with the toys he had brought with him. I even had the thought that I was probably over-doing it by bringing him to the hospital. We were given a room and our nurse came in and started chatting with us. Out of nowhere Jack started to violently throw up blood and large blood clots. It took me a minute to register what was going on and meanwhile the nurse ran out in the hall and yelled that she needed help in our room. I bet within thirty seconds there were 6-7 people in our room. They laid him down and got him undressed, scrubbed, in a hospital gown, iv in each arm and ready for surgery in minutes. They were worried he might have lost enough blood to be in need of a blood transfusion. We were lucky and his results came back low but within range.


I told Scott to come to the hospital immediately. He arrived as Jack was being rushed back to surgery. They removed his old scabs, cleaned everything up and cauterized anything that was bleeding. Afterward the doctor said his incisions had most likely been bleeding all night and dripping down his throat and into his stomach. He said they pumped out all the remaining blood while he was in surgery. They kept him at the hospital for a couple hours to make sure he was doing okay and to see that he could eat and drink before heading home. When I say Saturday was scary, I truly mean it. My sweet little three-year-old boy was traumatized by the events of the day. However I can truly say that his Heavenly Father was watching over him that day. There were so many tiny little details that led us to be at the hospital and in good care when we needed to be. I am so grateful for tender mercies and that “mom gut” feeling that allows us to make decisions when we aren’t sure why. I sure love this boy and am grateful for another ten days of extra snuggles, blue slurpees and Alvin and the Chipmunks the movie.”


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