Master Bedroom Remodel

After Scott finished his MBA at the University of Georgia, we moved to Alpharetta, GA for a few years. We loved it there.  We built a home and saw ourselves there for a while. However life happens and six months after our son was born we sold our house and moved across the country to Salt Lake City, UT.  Now that we had a son, it was time to be closer to family.


We moved in with my parents while we began to house hunt.  We quickly learned how CRAZY the Salt Lake housing market was!  It took us a few months of looking but we finally agreed we had found the house that suited us best.  It was an interesting transition going from a new home we built to a 1951 home that needed lots up updating however I was up for the challenge! This home seemed to have the most space of everything we looked at, a place for a dining room table (which is rare in our area) and so much potential.


As we began finalizing the sale of the home, I mentioned to Scott that we should consider tearing down one of the walls between two of the bedrooms on the main floor to make a large master bedroom and walk in closet.  Our neighborhood is full of 1950 homes that are very tiny with no storage, very small closets but more character and charm than most new homes will ever have.  Scott agreed to my plan and before we knew it we were tearing down that wall and working on about 50 other projects including a remodel of our main floor bathroom!  Ha!  And so it goes, right?


The remodel process was a little different than the new build process in that we ran in to a lot of problems and so we had to be very creative with how to solve them.  However I think we did a pretty good job and I’m SO HAPPY with how everything turned out!  Here are some before and after photos so you can see what we ended up with!


picture frames | bench | bed frame | night stand | dresser | quilt | duvet (sold out) similar | lamps


Here are some before photos when there were two bedrooms.  They were both small so we took the wall down to combine them.  The room became fairly long so we were able to add in a nice size walk in closet.




These next few photos are while we were in the middle of the remodel.  It was a huge mess!





And here is the final product!  We are so happy with how it tuned out.  Had we left it as two small rooms, we NEVER would have been able to fit our King size bed into either bedroom.  Now we fill completely comfortable with the space and still have room to get on the floor to play with the kids.






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  1. Hiiiii! Absolutely LOVE your posts! I am wondering if you would share your paint color in your home? And also a crisp white color also? We are have a painter come and I have no clue? But, I Do know I love yours!!

    1. You are so sweet! Thanks for following along. Our wall paint is Slow Perch by Kelley Moore Paints. I love it and feel like it is the perfect gray. Whites are so much harder because they can vary so much depending on the lighting in your home. Make sure to try lots of samples to get what you want. I just did a blog post on our kitchen remodel and there is a little more info on our paint colors in there. Good luck!