Disney Halloween Costumes

I look forward to the month of October all year long because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with kids!

I am a planner.  Yes you probably know that if you read my blog or follow me on Instagram.  I like getting the kids’ costumes early to make sure we have all the details figured out.  Our family traveled to Disneyland for the first time in June and for a solid three months afterward Jackson told me he wanted to be Woody for Halloween.  He fell in love with Toy Story over the summer and everything was Woody and Buzz.  So, I jumped on board and ordered a Minnie Mouse costume for London and a Woody costume for Jackson.  The boxes arrived and the kids anxiously surrounded as we opened it.  As soon as we started pulling out the Woody costume, Jack began grabbing items and throwing them on the couch, saying “I don’t want that!”  So I said, “look there’s even a cowboy hat!”  To which he replied “I don’t want that either!”

Over the next few weeks Scott and I worked hard to “remind” him that he really did want to be Woody.  As Halloween approached I was seriously worried he was going to refuse to wear his costume, but when it finally arrived he was really excited about it.  When people asked if he was Woody he either responded with “howdy, howdy, howdy” or “No I’m not Woody.  I’m a cowboy!”

London was a trooper that night.  It was one of the first nights in the fall where the temperature dropped in Salt Lake City, so a lot of the kids ended up wearing jackets over their costumes.  We thought we’d take London to a few houses and then bring her back home, but as we kept going from house to house she never lost steam.  She has a SERIOUS fear of missing out…so she got to hang with the big kids that night.


woody costume | woody hat & accessories | cowboy boots similar

minnie mouse costume | minnie mouse bow | london’s shoes








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