Happy Valentine’s Day!

Even though Scott and I take LOTS and LOTS of photos of our kids, we still hire a professional photographer a few times a year.  I love having someone else do all the work of acting silly just to make my kids laugh and look at the camera!  I especially love mini photo shoots with my kids because they are very quick and fairly inexpensive which we all know is the way to go with busy toddlers.


I decided to do a mini photo shoot with the kids for Valentine’s Day this year with my good friend, Megan Turley Photo.  We did one last year at the same time and I love the photos so much I knew we needed to do it again this year.  You can see last year’s photo shoot HERE.  This year’s shoot required a lot of candy bribes, toys for distractions and some tears and yelling from London (nothing unusual here LOL).  When she sent the images to me, I wasn’t surprised at all to see that she captured so many amazing shots!  Jack is known for having many facial expressions and she was able to capture several of them that made me laugh and smile.  My kids are both so fun right now and I love the busy and nonstop stage of life we are in.  I’m so glad we were able to get some fun photos of them at these ages so I can always remember their funny expressions and the silly things they do.  I’ll cherish these forever.  Happy Valentine’s Day friends!


PS – I love that Jackson has a pink dinosaur in his hand for several of the photos.  He carries a toy in his hand at all times.  It often changes but it’s usually a little animal, dinosaur or toy car.  Also this first photo may be my favorite photo of him ever!!


blazer | shirt | jeans + similar + similar | socks | underwear | shoes


tutu | bow | shoes | ballerina doll

















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