Kitchen Remodel

When Scott and I moved to Salt Lake City, we bought a very cute and quaint 1951 house.  Like most of the homes in our neighborhood, several items in the home had been remodeled and several things had never been touched and needed some SERIOUS work.  This house has been such a fun project for me.  We slowly renovated EVERYTHING in the house except for the kitchen.  When we moved in the kitchen was my favorite room in the house.  It was the newest and looked very nice compared to everything else.  I’m pretty sure the people who owned the home before us probably remodeled it in order to sell the home.  As Scott and I started to complete different renovation projects we started noticing how much the old kitchen didn’t match our style or the rest of our home.


In January, I was feeling the winter blues.  Winter in Salt Lake City can be so hard especially when there are weeks and weeks of snow and it’s hard to take the kids anywhere without them getting sick.  I was starting to get a little stir crazy and was feeling the need for a project.  I asked Scott what he thought about painting our cabinets white one day and about two weeks later we started our kitchen remodel.  Ha!  We replaced our counter top with a beautiful white quartz and were able to replace our sink with a large, white cast iron one.  I love it so much!  In addition we replaced our backsplash, faucet and hardware.  However, we only painted our cabinets instead of replacing them.  This kept our cost way down.  We had a lot of people ask if we painted them ourselves and we did not.  We decided to hire someone and we ended up being so happy with this decision.  They completely took over the kitchen for a solid two weeks but in that time were able to paint the cabinets and lay our backsplash.  They did a fantastic job and it wasn’t a headache for us.


One of my most asked questions on Instagram is what color of wall paint we have in our home.  I want to share what we used however please remember to always test paint before you begin a project.  The same color of paint can look completely different in two homes just because of the lighting.



Wall Color – Slow Perch by Kelley Moore Paint

Trim Color – White Semi Gloss by Sherwin Williams

Ceiling Color – Bright White Flat with no tint by Sherwin Williams

Cabinet Color – This is a little trickier to give a name because my painters actually mixed up a custom color for me based off of my wall and trim color.  They chose a base color that had a little gray in it and then slowly added bright white to tint it.  The color turned out fantastic and this was another reason I was so happy I hired painters.  They did all the work.  I never had to choose a color.

Backsplash Grout – This was also a custom color mixed up by my painters to match the backsplash tile. They mixed paint into the grout to get the color I was looking for.


If you scroll through the photos below you can see some before, during and after photos to see how everything turned out.  The entire process ended up taking about 2.5 weeks which was amazing.  I think part of that is due to the fact that we had all our selections picked out when we started, everything we needed was in stock and we hired painters who also did our backsplash.  If you plan to do something like this on your own (which I think is totally doable, just more work) then you could definitely save on cost but plan for it to take longer.  Our painters worked full days to get everything done for us on time.


I’m so happy with how everything turned out!  Our kitchen is little and has a funny angle to it so I feel like the white cabinets and counter top make everything feel so bright and really make the space feel bigger!  I hope you enjoy looking through these photos as much as I do!  There is something so satisfying about a good before and after photo.  Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post to see before photos and photos from the middle of the renovation. Now on to the next project!


knobs | pulls | dishwasher | dish & hand soap | paper towel holder | faucet | faux plant


They no longer make my dishes in yellow however they come in a white which I like even better!  I’m planning to replace all my dishes with the white in the next year.  We’ve had ours for ten years so we’ve broken a few pieces over time.

plates | salad plates | bowls | soup bowls | monogram mug | plastic cups (my FAVORITE!) | mug

mixing bowls (sold out) similar | serving bowl | platter


table | bench | chairs | rug| chandelier | picture frame


magnets | fruit bowl | hand towels | microwave


garbage can | keurig | toaster | candy jar


cast iron sink



knives | rosemary faux plant





white pitcher | striped vase | faux daisies | small vase | letter board | wreath | shoe basket



white ceramic vases | magnolia flowers









BEFORE.  Here is what the kitchen looked like when we started.  It was a good quality kitchen but just needed more of the white/gray color scheme we have in the rest of the house.  We had already replaced the kitchen floor when we had to work on the hardwood floors in our front room a few years ago so we didn’t have to touch that during this remodel.





DURING.  The renovation process only lasted 2.5 weeks (which was awesome) but those 2.5 weeks were LONG!  Ha!  Luckily for me, London no longer uses a bottle (I hate hand washing bottle parts) and we have an extra fridge in our basement so I was able to get by with no upstairs fridge, kitchen or dishwasher during the process.  I made breakfast and lunch for me and the kids downstairs in the basement and we ate on paper plates.  We usually went out for dinner or Scott would bring us something on his way home from work.  It ended up not being terrible and the kids actually looked forward to it and loved greeting the painters each morning.  I would say the biggest mess was upstairs.  My kitchen, dining room and front room were not livable or usable during the process and were also a complete mess.  I tried to not stress too much about them as I would walk past everything on my way to bed each night because I knew the process would be over quickly.












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