Happy Halloween!

Halloween is so much fun… and so, so stressful as a parent. Am I right?! I tried to do everything possible this year to make it easy for myself. I ordered my kid’s costumes WAY early. Luckily for me, both kids chose their outfits early on. Jackson has been obsessed with meerkats for months (ever since Hogle Zoo got 3 new meerkats last summer) and told me that was what he wanted to be at the beginning of fall. London has two obsessions right now. Minnie Mouse and Elsa. She was Minnie last year for Halloween so we decided on Elsa this year. Thank goodness neither of my kids changed their minds last minute and they both embraced what they had chosen and loved their costumes! It made for a really fun and easy night!

Now mamas, If I have one piece of advice to help Halloween night run smoother it is this… take your costume photos BEFORE Halloween night!!! I know most moms like me want that perfect photo of our kids in their costumes however Halloween night is crazy! Kids are hyper, parents are tired and no one ever seems to cooperate. So make things a little easier for yourself and do a trial run the week before. We usually take some photos a few days before when we dress up for our neighborhood party. We always go a little early and capture some great photos on the way while their costumes are intact and still looking good. This year we found a great little spot in our neighborhood with some beautiful fall leaves. London was cold so she made funny faces in half of the photos but sometimes those candid ones end up being my favorite.

Halloween was so enjoyable this year (besides the EXTREMELY cold weather) and we had so much fun as a family. Jackson loved trick or treating and London loved eating candy all night! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family! Happy Halloween!

xo, the Heninger family


meerkat costume | jack’s shirt | elsa costume | blue leotard | bow | sparkle shoes










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