Baby #3 Gender Reveal


Baby #3 is coming and Scott and I have been waiting anxiously for our gender results to come in. I took the blood test again (I did the same thing with London) around 12 weeks and our doctor’s office called with the results about a week later. We are so excited to be having another….. GIRL!

As soon as we told Jackson we were having another baby, he asked if we could shoot paper into the air to see what color would come out. Even though Scott and I both knew the gender of the baby already, we wanted to surprise the kids and make it fun for them. We headed to a nearby park and shot the confetti cannons into the air. At first Jackson was so excited! He was smiling, running around and throwing confetti up and then all of the sudden it hit him. He fell apart and sobbed for the next hour. He kept telling us he wanted the confetti to be blue. He wanted the baby to be a boy so he could be his best friend. It broke our hearts. He was so tender and so sweet. After some hugs from mom and dad and the promise of ice cream, he cheered up a little bit. Meanwhile London had no clue as to what was happening and loved running through the confetti and playing with the pink balloons. She also kept going up to Jackson and telling him it was going to be okay. She couldn’t quite figure out why he was so sad.

I love finding out the gender of my babies as early as possible because it makes everything about the pregnancy feel so real to me. I can now imagine another girl in our family and have been able to come up with some fun name ideas. We can’t wait to meet our sweet baby girl in March!


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