Valentine’s Day with Little Ones

I love celebrating holidays with my kids. They make them so much fun! It’s amazing how excited they can get from just a few little treats and prizes leading up to the big day. This year I’m a little more exhausted than normal… I’m 8 months pregnant and knew I probably couldn’t go over the top but I still wanted to make Valentine’s Day really special for Jackson + London. Here are 5 simple things that I did in the last few weeks to get my kids excited for one of my very favorite holidays.


VALENTINES PHOTO SHOOT. The last couple of years I have taken my kids to a Valentine’s Day photo shoot with a professional photographer. They are some of my favorite photos ever! You can check out last year’s here. I love having someone else take photos of my kids several times during the year and I love getting Valentine’s Day themed photos (pink is my favorite color). However this year due to our schedule and a few other things going on we weren’t able to make it happen.  So I decided to do a little at home photo shoot. I had ordered these shirts for the kids to wear on Valentine’s Day so they put them on and then I blew up a few balloons and we did our best to have a good time. They laughed and goofed off while I ran around trying to get some candid and smiling shots. I thought it would only take 15 minutes and it took an hour and I was in a full body sweat by the end! Ha! Taking photos of kids is never easy! But I love how they turned out. Sometimes those candid ones end up being my favorite. I say it all the time but I never regret doing little photo shoots like this with my children. It is such a fun way for me to document their childhood. My husband and I often talk about how we have minimal photos and videos of ourself growing up and so we want to provide our children with quality photos at every age so they can get a little glimpse of what they were like as kids.


bow (sold out) | love you more shirts | london’s jeans (sold out) similar | jack’s jeans | ballerina doll





LOVE BASKETS. My mom always made Valentine’s Day so special for me growing up. She always had a little treat or goody bag for me and she still does the same thing for her grandkids now. I took that idea and decided to give my kids “Love Baskets” this year and they loved them! On February 1st I had them waiting on their little kid’s table when we got home from dinner. I made them super simple with a few fun prizes for each of them. I purchased almost everything in the Target Dollar Section, on Amazon or at Michael’s. They were so excited all night and couldn’t stop talking about their new goodies.


baskets | name tags | snuggle puppy book | love monster book | smallest hot wheel car





SIMPLE DECORATIONS. If you know me at all, you know how much I LOVE to decorate for each holiday. I can easily go over the top so I made my decorations super simple this year. I only used stuff I already had, I put everything in one place so I didn’t have stuff scattered all around the house and I added some valentines candy in IKEA glass jars to tie everything in!


sequin heart banner + felt ball garland




VALENTINES PAJAMAS. I love giving my kids themed pajamas for big holidays. I’m always buying them new pajamas as they grow out of them anyway so it’s fun to get the holiday ones. I decided to do something a little more neutral this year so that they could wear them even after the 14th and they turned out perfect!


heart clip | striped pajamas



This is what happens when I tell my kids to smile! Ha!


EASY VALENTINES FOR FRIENDS. I know a lot of moms on Instagram this year that have been posting negative things about the time and energy it takes to put valentines together. I actually really enjoy it! I let Jackson pick out some paper planes at Michael’s a few weeks ago. We usually pick something out early so we have lots of options. We love to do a non-candy option for anyone with food allergies in his class however he also wanted to add a little candy this year. A week or so before his party at school, we sat down and put them together. He loved helping and we got them done in about an hour while London was napping. It was a fun activity to do together and I think they turned out pretty cute!



I would love to hear from you about how you make your day special and exciting for those little ones! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with LOVE and lots and lots of TREATS!

xoxo, Allison


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