Andi Savannah’s Birth Story


Andi! I still can’t believe you are here. You arrived nine weeks ago and you are the perfect little caboose for our family! You’ve only been here for two months and yet I feel like I’ve known you for much longer. You are by far our easiest and calmest baby. You are so sweet and you are so loved. I wanted to share a little more about your arrival so I can remember it forever.

My pregnancy with you was definitely my hardest. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older or have two young kids already but I can’t deny that it was challenging. Shortly after finding out I was pregnant, we found the perfect lot to build our dream home. In a matter of weeks I staged our current home, listed it, had showings, packed our house up, sold it, moved to our rental and then unpacked everything. This all happened when I was in the first trimester and was extremely sick. I still don’t know how I did it! The second trimester was a little better until my acid reflux started getting bad. That lasted until I had you. It got so bad at the end that I couldn’t eat past 5:00 PM, I could only sleep on my left side and I woke up multiple times throughout the night. I also started to get terrible cramping, had lots of pressure and was super uncomfortable those last few weeks. I was more than ready to meet you!

Your original due date was March 23rd (same as Jackson’s!) however I had a feeling you were going to come a little early. You measured a week ahead at your 20 week anatomy ultrasound and you were my only baby that didn’t have their due date bumped up. As I hit my 36 week mark, I started to wonder every day if that would be the day you would come. Once March came around I may have tried a few things to put myself into labor… ha! I tried my best to stay on my feet all day and loved cleaning and organizing our house and your nursery. I took Jackson and London outside to ride bikes, to the park, playground and aquarium a lot and did my best to wear myself (and them) out every day. I started to sleep less and less. At nights I was waking up so uncomfortable that I often had to take a bath in the middle of the night to get my body to relax. 

I started reading up on all the old wives’ tales on how to put yourself into labor. On Wednesday, March 4th, I read a comment on someone’s instagram post that “curb walking” helped her go into labor so we spent the afternoon outside and I walked up and down the curb with one foot on it and one foot on the ground while Jackson and London rode bikes. We then walked down to the playground for a little while and I continued the curb walking while the kids played. Once we were worn out, we headed back to our house. As soon as we came inside, I walked into the kitchen to set down all the stuff I was holding and I felt a huge gush of water come out. The curb walking must have worked! My water broke! Or so I thought…

I immediately called Scott and he rushed home from work and of course hit some traffic since it was 5:00 PM. Grandma headed over to watch Jackson and London. We headed to the hospital however at this point I started doubting that my water had actually broken. My water broke with Jackson and I remembered that once it broke I continued leaking fluid for several hours. This was not happening. I also wasn’t having any contractions. Scott was very patient and told me we should still go to the hospital just to check. We laughed the entire drive there and even laughed with the security guard and then the nurse as we checked in. I joked that I might have peed my pants. They let me know that it happens all the time. I’m not sure that made me feel any better! After 90 minutes and running the test, it was confirmed that my water had not broken and I had peed my pants. I was so EMBARRASSED! But more than anything I was disappointed. I was so ready to meet you and it was so heartbreaking to leave the hospital. 

Even though I wasn’t in labor, we found it kind of interesting that once they hooked me up to the monitors, I was actually having contractions seven minutes apart the entire time I was at the hospital. They checked me and I was dilated to a two which was the same as the day before when I had my doctor’s appointment. When we left, we were starving so we drove to Shake Shack to get some dinner. I continued having contractions the whole time we were eating. I had been having a lot of cramps and pressure up to this point. However this is the first time I felt like I was having true contractions that were slightly painful. I had a small bit of hope that they would pick up but of course they stayed seven minutes apart and stopped after three hours. We went home and kept our hospital bags out just in case. 

The next day was long and I had contractions on and off all day. I took the kids to the park during the day to get their energy out. In the afternoon I had a hair appointment. I joked with my hairdresser that I could go into labor now that my hair looked good! I even had contractions on my drive to the appointment and the whole time I was there. I came home and we had dinner and got the kids in bed. I was absolutely exhausted so Scott and I both got in bed just after ten. After a few minutes, I jumped up because my water broke! Here we go! Round two!

Of course I was freaking out because I thought it might be a false alarm again. I debated if we should even call Grandma because I didn’t want to stress her out if it wasn’t real this time. I kept walking around my room in hopes that contractions would start or more water would leak out. Finally after about a half hour I started leaking and then it pretty much didn’t stop. We called Grandma, I put on my depends (so helpful!) and then got myself and my bag ready. We left for the hospital just before midnight. 

We checked in and believe it or not the same nurse from the night before was working again! We joked about me being back and it being real this time. They checked me into a room. They got me all hooked up to everything and we did all our paperwork. I had a cold the previous week and they asked if I had a fever. I had been feverish the night I got the cold so they tested me for corona virus as a precaution. At this point we hadn’t gone into quarantine for COVID-19 yet. The test was horrible. They shoved a cotton swab up my nose and it felt like it touched my brain. I joked after that I wasn’t sure what hurt more… contractions or the corona virus test. It came back negative. I got my epidural just as my contractions were starting to really hurt. With all 3 labors, I’ve had a hot spot on my right side after the epidural kicks in so the anesthesiologist came back in and gave me another dose which helped to ease the pain. He did a great job. I could still feel pressure and feel myself push but felt very little pain. However I did get the shakes and got super nauseous several times. The nurse said it was because my blood pressure kept dropping. They finally got that figured out and I started to relax. Dad quickly fell asleep at this point but I was so nervous and anxious that I couldn’t sleep. I had been waiting for so long for your arrival and I was so excited to meet you. You are my last baby and it made the whole thing very bittersweet. I tried to take everything in knowing this was the last time I would hold a precious newborn on my chest just seconds after being born. 

Around 4 AM my doctor happened to call in to the hospital and found out I was there and in labor. He told my nurse to start pitocin since my contractions had not picked up in speed. She came to check me around 5 AM and very excitedly said I was ready to deliver! It caught her by surprise. She ran out and called my doctor and he headed to the hospital. In the meantime they got the room ready and brought in the delivery table and tools. My doctor arrived. Dad was slowly waking up at this point and the doctor and I both joked about how tired dad was. He was also freezing so he had his big winter coat on. I told dad to take it off and look alive! haha. The doctor was laughing. You arrived after a few pushes and you were so perfect! You surprised us with much darker hair than your brother and sister and you had the longest toes. The nurse couldn’t stop laughing about how long they were! You also had the cutest, chubbiest cheeks! They let me hold you immediately. Everything was so laid back and I felt so much peace. Because you had no health concerns I held you and fed you for almost an hour before the nurse took you over to the newborn station to check you out. She cleaned you and bundled you up and then handed you back to me. After a little while in recovery they let us go up to our room.

Jackson and London couldn’t wait to see you so grandma brought them over that morning. You had gone to get your first bath when they showed up. They both paced the room waiting for you to come in. Dad wheeled you back from your bath and you were met with so much love and so many smiles. They were so happy to finally meet you. London could’t keep her hands off of you which made me slightly nervous. She was just so excited! Jack was in pure heaven. He was totally amazed by you.

You were perfectly healthy so after our two days at the hospital, dad, Jack and London picked us up and took us home. Even though I was enjoying every moment of newborn snuggles, the worry and panic surrounding the coronavirus were starting to escalate. Most states issued a stay at home order around this time. We were able to take family newborn photos the Wednesday after you came home from the hospital and then our order began two days later. That meant that Jack would no longer be going to school, dad would stay home from work and no one would come to visit you. This lasted for the next 8 weeks! In some ways it was nice because we were able to have very special time with you at home with no distractions. However it has been a little tough not being able to run to the grocery store and having no help with your siblings. Utah lifted their order last week and things are slowly turning around. We hope we continue to move forward. We will always remember how crazy the world was when you were born!  

You are such a pleasant and happy baby. I’m pretty confident in saying you have been our easiest baby. You love to eat and love to sleep. You turned two months old a few days ago. You slept 10 hours the last 2 nights! Yes you read that right. We are still working out your day schedule but you have been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now. You LOVE watching your brother and sister. You have the best smile and have even started talking to us and giggling at us. You love baths and you hardly ever spit up which makes life so easy! Ha! You poop a lot. I mean a lot!! You love your binky and have since day one. You are getting used to going with the flow and taking car seat naps (third kid). You get to come along with mom to all the meetings on our new house. You rarely cry hard and when you wake me up in the night and morning you sound like you’re yelling instead of crying. It’s like you just want to tell me you’re hungry but you’re not too upset about it. You are so cute and we can’t get enough of you!! We sure love you Andi Savannah! 


Andi Savannah Heninger – March 6, 2020


pink hat | name tag | swaddle blanket








pink hat + swaddle | polka dot body suit




the original, the sequel + the finale shirts | london + andi’s bows



I actually took this photo the first night I went to the hospital when I thought my water broke. I was so sad to leave that night however I had no idea I would be back and in labor only 30 hours later!






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