I’m Allison Heninger and this is my crew (Scott, Jackson & London).  We live just outside Salt Lake City, UT.

I started documenting our family shortly after our first child, Jackson, was born.  I found myself frequently wanting to remember the little things about life and thought Instagram would be a great platform to do so.  As the instagram account grew in followers I started getting questions from people all over the world asking for more details…where did I buy Jack’s outfit…what color of wall paint do I have in my house…what recommendations do I have when traveling to Disneyland…how do I find good deals on kids clothes…how did I get our little girl to sleep through the night at 8 weeks…just to name a few.  It was then that I realized I needed to start this blog.  Here’s a little bit about us…


Scott & Allison

We met during our junior year of college and it was nearly love at first sight.  Depending on which one of us you ask you’ll get a different story…so let’s just say Scott did everything he could to meet me while I was simultaneously watching from afar, hoping he’d make the move (you okay with that version, Scott? haha).  We began dating and soon fell in love, ultimately getting married in early 2009 in downtown Salt Lake City.

About a year later we moved to Athens, GA so Scott could attend graduate school at The University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!!!).  We loved that small town and especially loved the people there. Upon graduation Scott landed a job with Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, so we took the opportunity to move to the city and travel the world.  Among our favorite travel spots were Aruba, Italy, and London (ultimately leading to the name of our little girl).  Once we began having kids, we decided to make our way back towards family and landed in Salt Lake City.

Jackson (aka Jack, Jack-attack, Jack Jack)

Now this is a kid who loves life.  Born in Atlanta and currently being raised in Salt Lake City, this child is happiest when he’s outside.

London (aka Loo, London Loo)

We fell completely in love with London the day she was born.  She has so much in common with her older brother, but is also so different.  She’s one of the sweetest little girls, has a little spunk, and loves to have fun!  She’s happiest when she’s bouncing in her bouncer, eating [almost] anything, or taking her naps.  She NEVER wants to miss out on the action.